OOOH! - IEM Katowice 2021 Day 1 Highlights

23 maps of CS:GO were played at the first day of IEM Katowice 2021.
23! That's a lot of CS. Here's all the best highlights, frags and funny moments from Day 1.
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  • Someone hits headshot Commentators 5 seconds later: OOOH

    Sti xaSSti xaSPred 10 dňami
  • where is NAVI??

    KonegureKonegurePred 14 dňami
  • syrsoN has the same MP9 like my one

    hiper laptophiper laptopPred 15 dňami
  • please stop that OOOOOOOH. its too much annoying to handle

    naznin sharminaznin sharmiPred 16 dňami
  • Casting could've been WAY better for a big event like this

    p1kselp1kselPred 16 dňami
  • OoooHhhhh

    Akash DeoreAkash DeorePred 16 dňami
  • Why not streaming on YT? I hate twitch

    Vinod ShekokarVinod ShekokarPred 16 dňami
  • OOOH!

    schubidoooschubidoooPred 16 dňami
  • 10 minutes of recorded ohhhhhh's

    Royam JainRoyam JainPred 16 dňami
  • i love that oooohhhs

    Kei mcdonaldKei mcdonaldPred 16 dňami
  • Wow way poor production quality than blast, cameras never on real action, casters just shouting and trying to generate hype on the smallest of plays, the shouting and ooohs become too annoying when you have to constantly adjust the volume to compensate for the shouting of these guys

    mike foxtrotmike foxtrotPred 16 dňami
  • This "ooooh, ooww aaaoo ooooh" is so irritating

    NemanjaNemanjaPred 16 dňami
    • Agreed, that one guy acts like every pro play shocks him. The same reaction on every highlight gets old fast.

      Wretched EggWretched EggPred 16 dňami
  • I thought one of the casters had a soundboard to say *'ohhhhhhh'*

    Keamen JonesKeamen JonesPred 16 dňami
  • even 720p on Twitch lags in my country! why not go live on YT????

    HBPLUSHBPLUSPred 16 dňami
    • Well, if it lags for you and me, it doesn't for everyone.. it would be cool if it was on youtube as well but.. yesterday was weird anyway

      Haris MujicHaris MujicPred 16 dňami
  • I like that one commentators input: Ooooouuuuu, Aaaaaaaaaeeee, HOOOO hooooo huuuuuuu, OOOOOOOooooo, YUUuuuuuuuuooo, WOOOOOuuuuuu...

    MaxFiveMaxFivePred 16 dňami
  • Blast has far better casters... cmon man get some good casters..

    Tanuj chaudharyTanuj chaudharyPred 16 dňami
    • No offence but Spunj and machine league better than scrawny and lau

      Nameless GuyNameless GuyPred 15 dňami
  • When start casting on ESL original chennal???

    Niket PrajapatiNiket PrajapatiPred 16 dňami
  • The Casters did well but the guys who operated the cameras were not good. Following the wrong people at the wrong time, can happen but cmon , not that often

    Johnny AwsmJohnny AwsmPred 16 dňami
  • they missed all the great plays during the game. whoever runs the cameras should be fired, always watching the wrong player. we literally missed 5 triple kills plays in one map.

    Cheerio BoxCheerio BoxPred 16 dňami
  • Where is EliGEs 4k on Nuke lower :(

    Damn that hurtsDamn that hurtsPred 16 dňami
  • I’ll take Scrawny and Launders over these casters any day. Shit I’d take Pimp and maniac lolololol

    Nick SNick SPred 16 dňami
    • @SomeDieYoung haha yeah I know. That’s the point but it’s better then these guys.

      Nick SNick SPred 16 dňami
    • Dude scrawny and launders are the worst casters...

      SomeDieYoungSomeDieYoungPred 16 dňami
  • Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Roshan ShettyRoshan ShettyPred 16 dňami
  • Why is this video not called "10 minutes of caster saying OOOOOOOH".?

    Aniruddha GargAniruddha GargPred 16 dňami
  • Commentator be like OOOOH OOOOOOH OOOH ! 😂

    CASH_ 4564CASH_ 4564Pred 16 dňami
  • hey guys where i can see the full stream of iem katowice 2021???

    Naman RaoNaman RaoPred 16 dňami
    • @tahir mahmudov Its twitch exclusive and already going for today

      Daniel VennsDaniel VennsPred 16 dňami
    • @Daniel Venns what about youtube?

      tahir mahmudovtahir mahmudovPred 16 dňami
    • Esl CSGO and esl csgo b and c on twitch

      Daniel VennsDaniel VennsPred 16 dňami
  • Cara chato esse do ooooh

    ThomazThomazPred 16 dňami
  • Observing and casting has been so shit. Please do something ESL. save yourself.

    Vengeance By VenomVengeance By VenomPred 16 dňami
    • It hurts listenning to this after the casting from blast which was amazing... I feel like its either spamming some screams on every double kill or just not saying anything

      Prime_csgoPrime_csgoPred 16 dňami
  • so annoying those OOOOOHHH

    RabbitDamnItRabbitDamnItPred 16 dňami
  • Will there be no streaming on youtube ?

    • @Dhruv Sinha not even the main event ?

    • No it's a twitch exclusive :(

      Dhruv SinhaDhruv SinhaPred 16 dňami

    James KegleyJames KegleyPred 16 dňami
  • So what’s the deal with the C stream not having the same hud as the A and B streams? So weird.

    Cthulhu3CCthulhu3CPred 16 dňami
  • When will you guys start streaming live matches on youtube?

    Rajiv RathodRajiv RathodPred 16 dňami
    • ESL won't stream anymore on Yt, its now twitch only :(

      TM FireFoxTM FireFoxPred 16 dňami
    • @DVN_DRA why not

      Rajiv RathodRajiv RathodPred 16 dňami
    • @DVN_DRA well hopefully they dont shut down other iem streams on youtube

      ScreenSniperScreenSniperPred 16 dňami
    • They won't stream this time

      DVN_DRADVN_DRAPred 16 dňami
    • +1

      ScreenSniperScreenSniperPred 16 dňami
  • Some of that commentating is out of sync by a good few seconds what is this quality, some clips 5 FPS too

    Mitchell LamontMitchell LamontPred 16 dňami
  • 6:00 well, they won a couple of tournaments, and their coach was one of the coaches that abused the spectator bug the most.

    lotrdude13lotrdude13Pred 17 dňami
    • yup, boosted by cheater

  • In the last clip theyre saying how an ESL PC failed and lost the round for the other team

    1Snouser1SnouserPred 17 dňami
  • Some of the casting has been so poor on 1st day, this is shit for an org like ESL. Smfh

    Patel DhruminPatel DhruminPred 17 dňami
    • And the overlay is like the default spectating overlay

      2bad2badPred 16 dňami
  • Can we please get an every 'Ooooo' compilation after Katowice has finished!!! Better get credit for this idea ;)

    ElliottElliottPred 17 dňami
    • No thanks. That would be so annoying. Use words not noises for stuff that happens 20 times a game

      SamSamPred 16 dňami
    • no they better dont, worse castor ever

      Bonne KoolmaBonne KoolmaPred 16 dňami
    • Please no. I hated these castors

      Vengeance By VenomVengeance By VenomPred 16 dňami
  • terrible quality

    JULIAN0 ;JULIAN0 ;Pred 17 dňami
  • Who's that caster? Spam OOOH! Hahahahaha

    Kier DayaoKier DayaoPred 17 dňami
  • Renegade vs Mouse too many OOH!

    Kier DayaoKier DayaoPred 17 dňami
  • Can't hear anything but ohh now

    robot brobot bPred 17 dňami
  • The title says it all 😂

    NeonNeonPred 17 dňami
  • Everyone : Play serious and don't throw No one : s1mple throws awp over b site and clutches the round with a p250 🤯

    EnnZyEnnZyPred 17 dňami
    • isnt that from last year on Dust2? his 2nd AWP-throwing play

      Mr iBastardMr iBastardPred 16 dňami
    • what?

      miniminiPred 16 dňami
  • Malbs en el 1:24 y 9:35 😎

    Carlos FigueroaCarlos FigueroaPred 17 dňami
  • Match: has literally any good frag happening in it. Casters: OOOH! ♥️

    ESL Counter-StrikeESL Counter-StrikePred 17 dňami
    • @Matty Laa Is that true? Well either way they either need to work more on it, or hire different advisors.

      Wretched EggWretched EggPred 16 dňami
    • Honestly I've seen these casters do better jobs. I don't know who instructed them to overreact on every play but it's way over the top.

      Wretched EggWretched EggPred 16 dňami
    • and please for the love of god get RUSH as your observe, the best in the business

      abdullah ibrahimabdullah ibrahimPred 16 dňami
    • Please get spunJ and machine to cast, no one's better than their duo

      Ankith AnandAnkith AnandPred 16 dňami
    • Please fix mic casters :( so sad see elite event with that quality

      rapsan0rapsan0Pred 17 dňami
  • Quem puder me ajudar, estou disposto a fazer subtrade!

    Palm highlightsPalm highlightsPred 17 dňami
  • 43 seconds pog

  • Pog

    HyQualHyQualPred 17 dňami