ESL Classics: IEM Sydney 2018 Grand Final FaZe vs. Astralis

Time for some ESL Classics!
Join us as we travel back in time to a land down under. It's 2018 and the shoeys are flowing in Sydney.
The FaZe Clan has their eyes on the IEM title against Astralis.
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  • I'm the random North Korea flag in the audience

    MundaneDaveMundaneDavePred mesiacom
  • 2021 major

    •Danonão• •Grosso••Danonão• •Grosso•Pred mesiacom
  • gla1ve hacks on in Train ..fukin waller exploiting game since years..

    Manish KumarManish KumarPred mesiacom
  • 57:07

    as gas gPred mesiacom
  • best comeback on 3 map faze

    Danger SidDanger SidPred mesiacom
  • mag1sk fukkin waller hacker

    Manish KumarManish KumarPred mesiacom
  • Didnt realize 3 years ago meant classic.

    N andersN andersPred mesiacom
    • Some matches are so good that they become instant classics, but I get what you're saying about how long it was

      Fernando RodriguesFernando RodriguesPred mesiacom
  • Aim botz for Astralis

    my back hurts петнек харожmy back hurts петнек харожPred mesiacom
  • Ahh esl❤️❤️

    Pranit MPranit MPred mesiacom
  • I know all csgo casters and some players are atheists but cant u guys keep ur views to urself and stop comparing players to god? like wtf man its annoying too. keep ur paganism to urself casters

    Abir RahmanAbir RahmanPred mesiacom
    • cry

      Ghayas HashimGhayas HashimPred mesiacom
    • No.

      Stefan RauškiStefan RauškiPred mesiacom
  • Match Starts at 40:18

    Rutvij ShahRutvij ShahPred mesiacom
  • GG

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmyPred mesiacom
  • 1:24:17

    GrantGrantPred mesiacom
  • were couches back then allowed to talk outside of tac pause?

    os loos loPred mesiacom
    • @Groozy haha funny man

      os loos loPred mesiacom
    • No, couches are inanimate objects, and are therefore not allowed to speak.

      GroozyGroozyPred mesiacom
  • cs:go > valorant .. everlasting

    Peet PlusPeet PlusPred mesiacom
  • Maaan those girls at 51:27 ❤️😍

    Nostalgic FactNostalgic FactPred mesiacom
    • The girl on the right 🤤🤤🤤

      Ghayas HashimGhayas HashimPred mesiacom
  • Best faze lineup

    Vilius KVilius KPred mesiacom
  • This roster is emotion❤️ Just bring them back

    Nayan Jyoty KakotyNayan Jyoty KakotyPred mesiacom
  • 3-0 lul

    HadhariGamerZHadhariGamerZPred mesiacom
  • Pansy and Moses

    Dr. DraeDr. DraePred mesiacom
  • love this line up

    Viên Hoàng TháiViên Hoàng TháiPred mesiacom
  • back when faze is on fire

    shiftyshiftyPred mesiacom
  • 40:13 map 1 2:08:30 map 2 3:54:31 map 3

    james terrariajames terrariaPred mesiacom
  • only Rain left..... :(

    kim hansenkim hansenPred mesiacom
    • olof as well.. xist was stand-in

      Manish KumarManish KumarPred mesiacom
    • @Andrei1- and choke them down again.

      BudikitBudikitPred mesiacom
    • i hope karrigan will go back to faze since he didnt renew his contract with mouz

      Andrei1-Andrei1-Pred mesiacom
  • rip and tear

    chemchemPred mesiacom
  • They made it member only and slow mode. Kinda cringe

    YodawgYodawgPred mesiacom
  • Wow NiKo

    Santiago_NinjaSantiago_NinjaPred mesiacom
  • I need cologne 2021 :(

    cyberbeticacyberbeticaPred mesiacom
    • What? ++

      xsardas PGxsardas PGPred mesiacom
  • Почему кеш старий?

    Крутий АндрійКрутий АндрійPred mesiacom
    • Эта игра 2018 года

      Дмитрий ТюринДмитрий ТюринPred mesiacom
  • Vintage gardian

    Ashish PawarAshish PawarPred mesiacom
  • GuardiaN destroy this

    elias frostelias frostPred mesiacom
  • So many idiots thumbing down this video because they don't know how to read the title.

    Cheerio BoxCheerio BoxPred mesiacom
  • is it rerun?

    Azat KamilAzat KamilPred mesiacom
    • Yea

      YodawgYodawgPred mesiacom
  • UwU

    GjythbabaGjythbabaPred mesiacom
  • When it starts?

    Mast BachaMast BachaPred mesiacom
    • 40 minutes ish

      Siicoviiciouse 16Siicoviiciouse 16Pred mesiacom
  • What is it ? ... 2k18?

    Hardik SawantHardik SawantPred mesiacom
    • 2018

      Viper 1987Viper 1987Pred mesiacom
    • It’s not live. It’s a rerun of a classic match.

      YodawgYodawgPred mesiacom
    • Yeah, i think it’s 2021😂

      Денис СозанськийДенис СозанськийPred mesiacom
  • 2018?

    Streych E12GGStreych E12GGPred mesiacom
  • Gg astralis ❤

    Miraglio FranciscoMiraglio FranciscoPred mesiacom
  • Good Final

    К Р Е ШК Р Е ШPred mesiacom
  • wineer

    virtual rs 1virtual rs 1Pred mesiacom
    • wiener

      Andrei1-Andrei1-Pred mesiacom
  • Hello

    Wikor YTWikor YTPred mesiacom
  • Karrigan clutch on Cache is legendary. The way he stands up after it especially.

    Kapitan_ZelenyiKapitan_ZelenyiPred mesiacom
    • @Markus Göthberg lol nah he's shite

      BudikitBudikitPred 20 dňami
    • @Budikit lol u salty 😂 😆

      Markus GöthbergMarkus GöthbergPred 20 dňami
    • His choke on every map and every single competition is also legendary.

      BudikitBudikitPred mesiacom
    • @Kapitan_Zelenyi nevermind i found it..its 1:52:00

      Yash IngoleYash IngolePred mesiacom
    • @Kapitan_Zelenyi timestamp pls

      Yash IngoleYash IngolePred mesiacom

    Dejan josipovicDejan josipovicPred mesiacom
    • replay

      nedoleriknedolerikPred mesiacom