Training Days - Heroic vs Astralis Restrat Bots on Inferno

ESEA Refrag helps you take your CS game to the next level! With Restrat, you can practice holding sites against pro-level executes taken directly from historic matches. Today, Heroic take on the Restrat pro-level bots as they execute Astralis' b-site hit vs Fnactic from 2018!
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  • Nice work, i started uploading my own stupid cs videoes for a few days ago :))

    DreeZ HSDreeZ HSPred 26 dňami
  • Wish this becomes a mode for practice in csgo

    Rishabh JRishabh JPred 26 dňami
  • this is some good content boys keep it up

    Jaden JadenJaden JadenPred 28 dňami
  • gg

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmyPred 28 dňami
  • visit my channel

    Don CalbayDon CalbayPred 28 dňami
  • it would be better if it implemented to new demoviewer.

    QuillnLegendQuillnLegendPred 29 dňami
  • What if, team vs their OWN strats? (astralis vs bot astralis strats; team liquid vs bot team liquid strats; etc.)

    QuillnLegendQuillnLegendPred 29 dňami
  • This is how the bots in Guardian are

    Brandon HoileBrandon HoilePred 29 dňami
  • 3:24 what da...

    RaimaNdRaimaNdPred 29 dňami
  • 2:36 the players aim bot snapped to a the wall and tryed to shoot thought it

    Silver HoofSilver HoofPred 29 dňami
    • Why would they use aimbot on just for fun ESL challenge

      fica games11fica games11Pred 29 dňami
  • More

    Muhammad waleedMuhammad waleedPred 29 dňami
  • 3:24 this is real on about match ? wtf

    NHZ /csgoNHZ /csgoPred 29 dňami
  • Сразу видно бомжи ботов убить не могут

    OnixOnixPred 29 dňami
  • thats worth spamming a KEKW, chat

    LennyLennyPred 29 dňami
  • Atleast theyre having fun while doing it

    FireAxeFireAxePred 29 dňami
  • Its my idea 😉 i told Valve to memic me and my speed some years ago and put it on bots... 5 of me = Overkill 😂

    MaxeMaxePred 29 dňami
    • @Maxe -8/8

      fica games11fica games11Pred 28 dňami
    • @fica games11 S1mple? 😂.. Not if he play normal like me 😊... I have dance with 8 globals on Nuke with a deagle only and killed them all solo, i have killed 30 people solo in cs 1,3 de_dust 1999 with awp/deagle combo & clutch it... I have carry a silver team through a silver match and clutch it 15 -14 with a 96/6 kd and over 20 mvps where i had to run around on the whole map for my team 😂🙈 S1mple? Baaah he would be a noob compare to me 😊 or if i have a bad day, play toe to toe against me 😉

      MaxeMaxePred 28 dňami
    • @Maxe S1mple would beat you blindfolded

      fica games11fica games11Pred 29 dňami
    • @[BosS] HITMAN 20 oh yes i did, before the updates to Milk the stupid cows some more for money 😂... CS:GO is a fraud game, top filled with Cheaters to keep good players away from the pro scene 😉.. I have played against million of players and killed them over the past 22 years now any rank from silver to pro players... None of them has ever been able to beat me on the long run without cheating.. None 😉

      MaxeMaxePred 29 dňami
    • no

      [BosS] HITMAN 20[BosS] HITMAN 20Pred 29 dňami
  • 3:24 The real definition of aim botz

    Clash RoyaleClash RoyalePred 29 dňami
  • Holy shit, this actually good content. Wish this kind of set pro bot executes were integrated in csgo itself.

    ExpansesExpansesPred 29 dňami
  • BOTS in DM

    Sibasish SinhaSibasish SinhaPred 29 dňami
  • I cant believe that molly from Astralis..

    whatdefokman #shatapnigawhatdefokman #shatapnigaPred 29 dňami
  • lol

    Nk ZNk ZPred 29 dňami
  • If these kinda bots are added in offline mode of csgo, we'll be pros in months

    43_Sumit Dey_120543_Sumit Dey_1205Pred 29 dňami
    • @Maxe ik...just kidding bro

      43_Sumit Dey_120543_Sumit Dey_1205Pred 28 dňami
    • No 😂

      MaxeMaxePred 29 dňami
  • Wow, now even bots are better at executes than me.... Also, 3:24 happened

    orange foxorange foxPred 29 dňami
  • Talk about speed

    Hitesh ThakurHitesh ThakurPred 29 dňami
  • Op

    9T9: DEMON9T9: DEMONPred 29 dňami
  • Первый

    Burgerchese VIPBurgerchese VIPPred 29 dňami
    • @TabJletka в очереди за 47 хромосомой)))

      ScrollEDScrollEDPred 28 dňami
    • в списке клоунов ?

      TabJletkaTabJletkaPred 29 dňami