Furia's TRIPPLE BOOST on Vertigo - Pro Tips

Hey future Pros ­čĹő
Today we've got Furia's tripple boost on de_vertigo for you in this Pro Tip!
Hope you got 2 friends.
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  • this is the kinda stuff i missed so much xD

    Jake KaudererJake KaudererPred 4 d┼łami
  • Can't wait to see it patched out next week.

    LinusLinusPred 9 d┼łami
  • WTF , 15 years ago me and my friends use gravity on console to explore the map.................. this profesional teams dont even test what they can do on the maps?? shameeeeeeeeeeeeee

    GoeXGoeXPred 10 d┼łami
  • who look only double kill from HEN1 XD, but boost is sick ;)

    NHZ /csgoNHZ /csgoPred 10 d┼łami
  • Ah i see Furia adapting the Astralis meta of doing nerdy strats :D

    Raven ValkyrieRaven ValkyriePred 11 d┼łami
  • eppic

    robotrobotPred 11 d┼łami
  • 'Tripple'

    Keamen JonesKeamen JonesPred 11 d┼łami
  • Nice

    AggressorAggressorPred 11 d┼łami
  • *F HEN1­čÉŐ*

    Jeff KillJeff KillPred 11 d┼łami
  • Can somebody tell me how sitting on the chair and presing buttons can be sport.

    Lazar LacicLazar LacicPred 11 d┼łami
    • @Pevan Jellous no problemo

      C GC GPred 9 d┼łami
    • @C G Oh, sorry about that...

      Pevan JellousPevan JellousPred 9 d┼łami
    • @Pevan Jellous You misunderstand me, I explained why I think CSGO is a sport. We agree with each other :)

      C GC GPred 10 d┼łami
    • @Lazar Lacic again, if you count chess as a sport and physical engagement, what the fuck is the difference, why are people so fucking close-minded it's literally dumb

      Pevan JellousPevan JellousPred 10 d┼łami
    • @n33nja10 it is different but doesn't mean it isn't a sport

      Pevan JellousPevan JellousPred 10 d┼łami
  • "Hope you got 2 friends". Damn......

    TheBlueFoxTheBlueFoxPred 11 d┼łami
    • @Graham Jorge checking it out right now. Looks promising :)

      Royce JayceonRoyce JayceonPred 4 d┼łami
    • dunno if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google :)

      Graham JorgeGraham JorgePred 7 d┼łami
  • Thanks Rush!

    Combo GamingCombo GamingPred 11 d┼łami
    • @Sumedh Patil yep

      Combo GamingCombo GamingPred 11 d┼łami
    • You mean Rushly123456

      Sumedh PatilSumedh PatilPred 11 d┼łami
  • Why did noone use this boost after its discovery a few months ago? I only saw furia use it that one time and thats it, i know its known now but its still a super OP position??

    Borna Budi─çBorna Budi─çPred 11 d┼łami
    • @Rajiv Rathod wow you are funny man...

      Bonne KoolmaBonne KoolmaPred 10 d┼łami
    • I am a gold dragon rank in csgo, and i hv used this before furia decided to go with it so no thnaks for not mentionning me in the video

      Rajiv RathodRajiv RathodPred 10 d┼łami
    • @Borna Budi─ç yes i know, but it is probably the worst position to be in. you get flashed from like every angle, you are in the open so a easy target 'and you have nowhere to fall back to

      Bonne KoolmaBonne KoolmaPred 11 d┼łami
    • @Bonne Koolma just cuz something is a known position doesnt mean its useless? Almost every position on every map has been known for years

      Borna Budi─çBorna Budi─çPred 11 d┼łami
    • @Always Smiling dont people usually throw those smokes in the beginning of 90% of gun rounds tho

      Borna Budi─çBorna Budi─çPred 11 d┼łami
  • Nice

    JaveinneJaveinnePred 11 d┼łami