The Best of One: electronic Frag Movie

Denis "electronic" Sharipov (born September 2, 1998) is a Russian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, who currently plays for Natus Vincere.
He's also absolutely insane. Here's the Bo1 Frag Movie!
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Edited by PANIq: therealpaniq
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  • Name of music, anyone?

    penpal108penpal108Pred 10 dňami
  • papatronic

    Jasurbek LazizjonovJasurbek LazizjonovPred 10 dňami
  • 1:22 ahh ahh😍

    Boner BoyBoner BoyPred 12 dňami
  • S1mple Electronic best duo in Navi history and maybe in cs go history

    Joseph JoestarJoseph JoestarPred 12 dňami
  • Heir to the throne of CS:GO after S1MPLE

    Rakesh HaldarRakesh HaldarPred 14 dňami
  • The beast under the god shadow

    CFM WikiCFM WikiPred 16 dňami
  • Music ?

    ку ку ептэ !!ку ку ептэ !!Pred 27 dňami
  • Damn, that was fire!

    Max BakerMax BakerPred 28 dňami
  • cool

    Relaxing electronic MusicRelaxing electronic MusicPred mesiacom
  • PREK 😁👌OGON’ 🔥🔥🔥❗️❗️❗️

    ALΞXVΞRALΞXVΞRPred mesiacom
  • Doesn't get enough credit for how amazing a rifler he really is. Definitely one of the best.

    ValdemarValdemarPred mesiacom
  • i am caster now

    Alex RushAlex RushPred mesiacom
  • Assualt god

    chanakya saikiachanakya saikiaPred mesiacom
  • AntalopeAUTAntalopeAUTPred mesiacom
  • 1:33 the legendary moment

    SlashSlashPred mesiacom
  • One of the best rifler in csgo's history! And the only navi player who is consistent!

    la Putinla PutinPred mesiacom
  • gg

    chemchemPred mesiacom
  • insaNe Aim 👍

    dddNBGDdddNBGDPred mesiacom
  • This guy is insane 😱 he has inhuman game sense.

    Gaurang PrabhuneGaurang PrabhunePred mesiacom
  • Beast!

    Bohdan RudBohdan RudPred mesiacom
  • вот настоящий топ 2

    Дмитрий ПичугинДмитрий ПичугинPred mesiacom
  • papatroNic 💛

    Himalay GogoiHimalay GogoiPred mesiacom
  • Music?

    SeakyonESeakyonEPred mesiacom
  • 1:23 perfect

    MatrixMatrixPred mesiacom
  • The Second Beast in Navi

    mister techmister techPred mesiacom
  • Electronic === AIM

    Azamatjon 181O215Azamatjon 181O215Pred mesiacom
  • Лучший! ❤️❤️❤️

    true 776true 776Pred mesiacom
  • Waiting for ESL pro league 😐

    Muhammad waleedMuhammad waleedPred mesiacom
  • God tier rifler

    AckAckPred mesiacom
  • Forever NA'VI

    MuleroMuleroPred mesiacom
  • Amazing edit. When elec's fired up, it's certainly a scary situation. His sprays are insanely clean.

    Mr. VybsonMr. VybsonPred mesiacom
  • Nice sync!

    KjellerosKjellerosPred mesiacom
  • Че за футболист?

    OWLYOWLYPred mesiacom
  • Hits nice shots....This guy should try competitive

    anurag gan chaudhurianurag gan chaudhuriPred mesiacom
  • Another banger from PANIq

    CyniuThunderCyniuThunderPred mesiacom
  • Thanks about Sharipov

    Ser Pochti ShotlandecSer Pochti ShotlandecPred mesiacom
  • ESL, go highlight boombl4?

    Goshanishe GameGoshanishe GamePred mesiacom
    • Nahh

      Amir HamzahAmir HamzahPred mesiacom
  • Imagine being dev1ce Being #3 player and part of #1 team of 2020 and still not getting a 'Best of One'

    The RejinatorThe RejinatorPred mesiacom
    • tg

      Руслан СехчинРуслан СехчинPred mesiacom
  • A very accurate gamesense and insane rifle skills...

    Amritanshu VermaAmritanshu VermaPred mesiacom
  • Just 2 words . . Overshadowed God

    The RejinatorThe RejinatorPred mesiacom
  • now NOT living in the shadow of s1mple.

    Manish KumarManish KumarPred mesiacom
  • Бля, четкий мувик! Надо граффити сделать на его позиции в песках!

    Alan OceanAlan OceanPred mesiacom
    • Ага. Думаю если Нави будут поддерживать уровень и будут тащить на Мажоре, то Вала соизволят добавить граффити. Вот только мне интересно как оно будет выглядеть.

      Максим КравчукМаксим КравчукPred mesiacom
  • Папатроник в деле😈

    ResFreeResFreePred mesiacom
  • Gun shots sync up to the music. Especially at the end. Great highlights!

    FlAtLiNeDFlAtLiNeDPred mesiacom
  • This one was so good. The electro style music as well.

    Kirill CykovatiyKirill CykovatiyPred mesiacom
  • Headshot machine

    Zhiger IzbasarovZhiger IzbasarovPred mesiacom
  • Bravo, Paniq!

    MythMythPred mesiacom
  • These bo1's are so satisfying...

    mehwish aamirmehwish aamirPred mesiacom
  • wow nice content love it and Elec is Beast he Deserve better spot in world ranking

    RUSS KHRUSS KHPred mesiacom
  • He's insane as a Na'Vi at all. Congteats to them with 1st place

    FASWERFASWERPred mesiacom
  • Best rifler. 💛

    Vijyant ThakurVijyant ThakurPred mesiacom
  • Pog

    shibeshibePred mesiacom
  • Music? Sound?

    Game PlayGame PlayPred mesiacom
  • Electronic doesn't get the credit he deserves because he's under s1mples shadow

    KadirKanKadirKanPred mesiacom
    • he does get the credit. everyone always talks about how electronic and s1mple are the NaVi carry duo, and obviously he will be in s1mples shadow because hes not as good as him

      KerttisKerttisPred mesiacom
    • He is in past

      Sumit KumarSumit KumarPred mesiacom
    • not today

      КириллКириллPred mesiacom
  • 5 kills 5 secends

    TheRorTheRorPred mesiacom
    • That's a flamie galil spraydown

      The RejinatorThe RejinatorPred mesiacom
  • The guy, The legend 💕

    AnythinGAnythinGPred mesiacom
  • Most underrated player

    Meiraba KangabamMeiraba KangabamPred mesiacom
  • Элик Красавчик!

    Сергей ФедотовСергей ФедотовPred mesiacom
  • Csgo is emotion xd ♥️

    Chromebot legend-_-Chromebot legend-_-Pred mesiacom
  • 0ахаахахах не гры пи да ра сы

    AquilAquilPred mesiacom
  • electronic хпрош тащер в NAVI

    Red ZoneRed ZonePred mesiacom
  • Ля, не плохо!

    snowyyysnowyyyPred mesiacom
  • Electronic kinda hot man, idk what you on

    Tetr1sCSTetr1sCSPred mesiacom
    • gay

      EXiLYEXiLYPred 17 dňami
    • gay

      tr1xztr1xzPred mesiacom
  • Элек хорош! 👍

    Ярослав ЧернышевЯрослав ЧернышевPred mesiacom
  • Nice

    ΞLΞCT7XIΞLΞCT7XIPred mesiacom
    • I’m first I think

      ΞLΞCT7XIΞLΞCT7XIPred mesiacom
  • second

    Raul AlishovRaul AlishovPred mesiacom
  • Всем ку!

    SykesSykesPred mesiacom
  • 1 like is 1 Chili 🌶 for me

    Dylan KielDylan KielPred mesiacom