ESL Classics: ESL Pro League Season 3 London Finals Luminosity Gaming vs. G2

Time for some ESL Classics!
The year is 2016 and the rising stars from Brasil Luminosity Gaming are up against the French powerhouse of G2.
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  • 6:06:33

    NaxNaxPred mesiacom
  • 42:58 wholesome

    DJ AdiBassDJ AdiBassPred mesiacom
  • Luminosity and g2 both are my fav❤️

    Pratyush GosainPratyush GosainPred mesiacom
  • Man, I missed these G2 so bad. They have a lot of potential even before they bring in NBK, KennyS and apEX

    YTGC-RoyaleWareX51YTGC-RoyaleWareX51Pred mesiacom
  • Where TF is KennyS ?????

    C. RonaldoC. RonaldoPred mesiacom
    • This was 2016 G2, Kenny was still in Envyus

      YTGC-RoyaleWareX51YTGC-RoyaleWareX51Pred mesiacom
  • Attended this as my first esports event, still stands out as one of the best.

    TheEternalJayTheEternalJayPred mesiacom
  • I was so happy to see screaM only to realise this is an old match :(

    EnigmaEnigmaPred mesiacom
  • Saudades desse time , Saudades do Brasil chegar numa Final , mas somos Brasileiros e não desistimos nunca vamos chegar ao TOPO de novo!

    Richard YTRichard YTPred mesiacom
    • Vamo sim, de algum jeito

      ANDZERAANDZERAPred 16 dňami
    • é só questão de tempo!

      alexnadre santosalexnadre santosPred mesiacom
  • shox was an actual clutch god...

    Gokul KrishnanGokul KrishnanPred mesiacom
    • The real clutch King

      loolloolPred 9 dňami
  • o brasileirinho tá no banheiro chorando agora

    nvsnvsPred mesiacom
  • I miss it so much :/

    Nycolas023Nycolas023Pred mesiacom
  • imagens fortes para brasileirinhos

    Isaque PatricioIsaque PatricioPred mesiacom
    • F

      Gabriel SilvaGabriel SilvaPred mesiacom
  • Holy shit the intro 😳

    ㅤPred mesiacom
  • can't wait for LAN to comeback, the environment just got awesome everytime

    Waqar AhmedWaqar AhmedPred mesiacom
    • Same

      Din MawiiDin MawiiPred mesiacom
  • Remember when tournaments were played in LANs?

    Dumpster FireDumpster FirePred mesiacom
  • f

    hazedferhazedferPred mesiacom
  • Это новый 2021 ?

    Tilek AzimovTilek AzimovPred mesiacom
  • Dream Team.. Fallen is the best player ever...

    FelipeFelipePred mesiacom
    • Fallen “two-faced” toledo

      A BA BPred mesiacom
    • Fallen is never the best player

      CS GO Tips and TricksCS GO Tips and TricksPred mesiacom
  • Cuando coldzera era gordo jugaba mejor

    adrian rocanrroladrian rocanrrolPred mesiacom
  • Ура дождались ура новоя мотивация

    Nurdin4ikNurdin4ikPred mesiacom
  • 4:01:23

    LighTyLighTyPred mesiacom
    • Scream onetap

    • Thx

      Nur Hamid FuadiNur Hamid FuadiPred mesiacom
  • Co kurwa

    xsardas PGxsardas PGPred mesiacom
  • premier omegalul

    ToneDeaf GDToneDeaf GDPred mesiacom
  • NaVi the best,

    Vitalii GamesVitalii GamesPred mesiacom
    • Dnavi the best! Yeah

      stewie2k ❶stewie2k ❶Pred mesiacom
  • But did I ask?

    JakstiJakstiPred mesiacom
  • OLD Virtus Pro is the best

    Krzysztof WKrzysztof WPred mesiacom
    • was

      jjjoshjjjoshPred mesiacom
    • Virtus pro od death...

      LoVranLoVranPred mesiacom
  • Those people thumbing down this video because it's old are ignorant. Appreciate the fact they keep these classics! The title clearly says it's an old match.

    Cheerio BoxCheerio BoxPred mesiacom
    • cant blame those dumb 8 y/o ...

      Akmal AzmanAkmal AzmanPred mesiacom
    • what are you on about theres like 38 dislikes and theres always going to be people disliking every video they see for the sake of disliking it

      AcE SupersonicAcE SupersonicPred mesiacom
  • abused 101000000 abused

    Mr Toncar Romain ZygmuntMr Toncar Romain ZygmuntPred mesiacom
  • cold gordo

    Rodrigo da SilvaRodrigo da SilvaPred mesiacom
  • Why is it live

    Fauz Abdullah KhanFauz Abdullah KhanPred mesiacom
  • Wait a minute this is old

    Fauz Abdullah KhanFauz Abdullah KhanPred mesiacom
  • Best csgo team. LG

    Leonardo FerreiraLeonardo FerreiraPred mesiacom
    • Was xd

      wrld uwuwrld uwuPred mesiacom
    • Have you heard about astralis?

      G.A BeatsG.A BeatsPred mesiacom
  • hey global , whatsp

    Deepanshu VermaDeepanshu VermaPred mesiacom
  • What the hell is this?

    Ceo Of PoonisCeo Of PoonisPred mesiacom
  • The best team ever

    Pedro HenriquePedro HenriquePred mesiacom
  • c koi cet team a la con Fr ? shox and Rpk on va pas aller chier loin mdr

    Mr Toncar Romain ZygmuntMr Toncar Romain ZygmuntPred mesiacom
  • Old sounds?

    SkyLight_HDSkyLight_HDPred mesiacom
    • from 2016

      Zack May guitarZack May guitarPred mesiacom
    • yeah ak sounds old

      EnigmaEnigmaPred mesiacom
  • Vamo brasil

    XD[ A ][ L ][ T ]{ F 4 }XD[ A ][ L ][ T ]{ F 4 }Pred mesiacom
  • why dont they just build like in fortnite ?

    kipp daykipp dayPred mesiacom
    • @Mathias Tréhin Not really, I can’t tell the difference by looking

      RefleXRefleXPred mesiacom
    • Bro just mine diamonds and win

      FoxyaFoxyaPred mesiacom
    • @RefleX are you sure?

      Mathias TréhinMathias TréhinPred mesiacom
    • Because its not Fortnite

      RefleXRefleXPred mesiacom
  • I play sea of thieves

    Sm1leSm1lePred mesiacom
  • hola

    maxi zaidanmaxi zaidanPred mesiacom
    • @maxi zaidan Bien gracias, vamos Astralis & Na`Vi

      Eugeniusz ZolotińskiEugeniusz ZolotińskiPred mesiacom
    • hola

      SnowSnowPred mesiacom
    • @Eugeniusz Zolotiński bien, vos?

      maxi zaidanmaxi zaidanPred mesiacom
    • Hola como estas?

      Eugeniusz ZolotińskiEugeniusz ZolotińskiPred mesiacom