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  • Supermodel turned csgo star

    YummyCoreYummyCorePred 12 hodinami
  • Olof's clutch was about to be historic

    North American P 51 MUSTANGNorth American P 51 MUSTANGPred 14 hodinami
  • Great job from whoever created the movie. Good choices of clips and really awesome audio sync. This movie reminded me the old top quality frag movies like The Underground or Hard Clan - Die Hard. Thumbs up and thank you.

    MyYTwatcherMyYTwatcherPred 16 hodinami
  • mega talant!

    Степан ВарламовСтепан ВарламовPred 16 hodinami
  • This might be the best ”best of one” so far!

    MoogprodigyMoogprodigyPred 16 hodinami
  • It’s not a clutch . It’s just 1v1 trades . U can’t compare him with s1mple . S1mple is on another planet

    Utkarsh RoshanUtkarsh RoshanPred 16 hodinami
  • didn't know that esl has superstitum as a contentmaker

    LolPlaysLolPlaysPred 16 hodinami
  • Are these clips getting better and better each release or it's just dev1ce? Kappa

    BartosH MistrzowskiBartosH MistrzowskiPred 19 hodinami
  • And the colateral from ct? On dust 2

    Carlos PerezCarlos PerezPred 19 hodinami
  • hire @virrecsgo for frag movies @ESLCS

  • Whosoever ESL has hired to create these video, has an awesome sense of rhythm and video editing. Job well done!

    Rahul MukherjeeRahul MukherjeePred 20 hodinami
  • And now I'll play csgo.

    Mojo BuzzMojo BuzzPred 20 hodinami
  • sound please

    АндрейАндрейPred 20 hodinami
  • 1:23 that moment when he said " i know where i am ok" just gave me goosebumps cuz i realized how well he knows the map and the mechanics , Damn the skill ceiling in this game is so frggin high

    pumpkin spice lattepumpkin spice lattePred 21 hodinou
  • ngl the montage was pretty dope

    pumpkin spice lattepumpkin spice lattePred 21 hodinou
  • only legends get the animated redbull gaming ad in which a girl is gaming and drinking redbull ;P

    pumpkin spice lattepumpkin spice lattePred 21 hodinou
  • 很爛 還有技術可以待加強

    程敬權程敬權Pred 22 hodinami
    • sor 剛剛被盜

      程敬權程敬權Pred 22 hodinami
  • Fallen Train

    nighT πnighT πPred 22 hodinami
  • ESL knows all the memes

    Aadesh KaleAadesh KalePred 22 hodinami
  • Is there something like a hall of fame or something in esports?? I think we really have to have one not just in cs but in all of esports.

    henry john sablanhenry john sablanPred 23 hodinami
  • goat

    ZeManeiro of the GraveZeManeiro of the GravePred 23 hodinami
  • my mother in law can destroy him in an instant..

    Night ParadeNight ParadePred 23 hodinami
  • God

    KuroTechKuroTechPred dňom
  • music pls!

    SeakyonESeakyonEPred dňom
    • Music plzzz!!!

      a1faa1faPred 18 hodinami
  • Love these shorter little frag movies or highlight vids, keep em up! P.S. loved the editing, props to the editor(s) of this one.

    Jeff of BreadJeff of BreadPred dňom
  • Tom Cruise

    Rafli BudimanRafli BudimanPred dňom
  • IMO in the Best Player on the world.

    AgencikAgencikPred dňom
  • Feels like this is only against g2, vitality and mouz :DD big oof in their face

    Marius FreyMarius FreyPred dňom
  • The french destroyer

    injusticeinjusticePred dňom
  • No just a onliner Zero xd

    Sami KhalilSami KhalilPred dňom
  • So calm so composed and so consistent... He got the 3Cs

    venom gtvenom gtPred dňom
  • ngl you guys kind of ruined the collateral in the flames clip by cutting it that way. otherwise great vid

    Matthias ClockMatthias ClockPred dňom
  • Anyone got the name of the beat in the background?

    KayleighKayleighPred dňom
  • what about top gun 2?

    Rodrigo CastroRodrigo CastroPred dňom
  • He could win a major or two)

    Дин Мухаммед Әли СражадинДин Мухаммед Әли СражадинPred dňom
  • BO1 looks like BOT kek

    KunjuKunjuPred dňom
  • The Goat 🐐

    JonathanJonathanPred dňom
  • Device is so talented, I am amazed watching him play. Oh and also he is handsome and sexy :D

    KyrrichanKyrrichanPred dňom
  • I wish the editor of this video a very very very pleasant year

    Shravak ShakyaShravak ShakyaPred dňom
  • Why he's not in first place

    leo buhsleo buhsPred dňom
  • his gamesense is so good, he is always in tghe perfect position

    Falk.r.hFalk.r.hPred dňom
  • Boombi4 pulled a Summ1t

    JTBSpartanJTBSpartanPred dňom
  • We all know there might be better aimers than him but none more consistent than him. He always shows up time and again

  • plz do a deagle one with magisk and dupreeh....

    Nobody KnowsNobody KnowsPred dňom
  • That "Dust2 Fire Shot" deserves an honorable graffiti in that corner for sure!

    Krishn AgarwalKrishn AgarwalPred dňom
    • the 3 bullet, 3 hp and 3 headshot moment deserves an graffiti

      Marius KarlssonMarius KarlssonPred dňom
    • Fax

      Torsa TTTorsa TTPred dňom
  • he deagle , he awp but most important he kill !

    Trooper OGTrooper OGPred dňom
  • i was expecting the 3 bullet 3 kill usp clutch on train but okay 😭

    ByteCrescentByteCrescentPred dňom
    • 4kill

      vaclav poulvaclav poulPred dňom
  • bro the synching and the editing omg this is glorious you need a raise just for this

    _3o6_3o6Pred dňom
  • Как же быстро

    S5QU 6QS5QU 6QPred dňom
  • 1:28 play with the audio sync at its finest ❤

    Hung NguyenHung NguyenPred dňom
  • Best Part of the Video : 0:00 - 2:04 ❤️❤️

  • this editor deserves a raise :O

    ThisBoyStylishThisBoyStylishPred dňom
  • device the best !!! King 👑 awp

    Stanislav OvsyukStanislav OvsyukPred dňom
  • This dude can play any role and is soo consistent that he might be AI.......... plus his mission impossible movies are amazing. How does he find time to do both?

    • @Tune BoyZ r/wooosh

      ʟᴀɴᴄᴇʟᴏᴛʟᴀɴᴄᴇʟᴏᴛPred 12 hodinami
    • That's tom cruise actor, device is not him 🙂

      Tune BoyZTune BoyZPred 21 hodinou
    • @BE_B_11 Tejas Patil every csgo fan calls him Tom Cruise of csgo, bro. Even commentators have said that Tom Cruise does his own stunts.

      SameerSameerPred dňom
    • Bruh I thought I d only one who think he looks like cruise 😂

      BE_B_11 Tejas PatilBE_B_11 Tejas PatilPred dňom
  • BO1? So you're saying dev1ce > s1mple?

    EthanmeisterEthanmeisterPred dňom
  • Yekindar: It has to be overpass

    Jonas LiutvinasJonas LiutvinasPred dňom
  • Believe me device too should be honored with a graffiti after that fire shot on dust2.

    Alexis sanchezAlexis sanchezPred dňom
    • @Fcb Meister Okay if I am wrong check it by yourself on google by typing " Do valve sponsor any Csgo majors ". You will get to see by yourself if I am correct or not.

      Cys gamingCys gamingPred 20 hodinami
    • @Dovydas if that wasn't impressive, why did Olof gets graffiti for defusing?

      Harvest a guyHarvest a guyPred 23 hodinami
    • @Cys gaming this guy is high on weed

      C4PT4IN AC4PT4IN APred dňom
    • @Cys gaming and IEM global challenge was no major. You new to Cs? 😂😂🤣

      hypeking. 水hypeking. 水Pred dňom
    • @Cys gaming are you dumb? Valve sponsors the majors

      hypeking. 水hypeking. 水Pred dňom
  • Best player to touch the game

    MattMattPred dňom
  • most hype way to start a frag morning!

    rogerrogerPred dňom
  • The Audio Sync ❤... Amazing

    TherklerTherklerPred dňom
  • 1:20

    VildeValdeVildeValdePred dňom
  • *Device is just the best player in the world.*

    Madr9x csgoMadr9x csgoPred dňom
    • @Fcb Meister lol

      Madr9x csgoMadr9x csgoPred dňom
    • Zywoo and s1mple joined the chat

      Fcb MeisterFcb MeisterPred dňom
  • What a beast ! My favourite actor and cs player at the same time .

    Yusuf UysalYusuf UysalPred dňom
    • True

      yasin inalyasin inalPred dňom
    • Tom "Device" Cruise

      Aly AshrafAly AshrafPred dňom
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      Alexis sanchezAlexis sanchezPred dňom
  • He's a god

    not menot mePred dňom
  • Can we get some love for the Audio sync? ♥️

    ESL Counter-StrikeESL Counter-StrikePred dňom
    • Audio...thats so 2022-ish. Future tech for future people.

      MrEihtMrEihtPred 15 hodinami
    • @Kuba Wawer song bro. Song in this video. Like you asked if it was on spotify. So i asked the name if you know. 👍🏼

      a1faa1faPred 17 hodinami
    • @a1fa I'm confused about what exactly are you asking?

      Kuba WawerKuba WawerPred 17 hodinami
    • @Kuba Wawer ???

      a1faa1faPred 18 hodinami
    • @a1fa this would help ;)

      Kuba WawerKuba WawerPred 18 hodinami
  • First like was mine heheh

    Augusto VianaAugusto VianaPred dňom
  • the most consistent player ever

    Manish KumarManish KumarPred dňom
    • @iamMokoma I mean in terms of consistency. ZywOo is too young and didn't play for so long. But i has no doubt that in near future he'll be one of the greatest player of all time. If not the greatest.

      David SekhleyanDavid SekhleyanPred 15 hodinami
    • @Harvest a guy stop talking shit man, there r still many consistent goats

      FreezFreezPred 18 hodinami
    • @Harvest a guy zywoo? 🙂

      iamMokomaiamMokomaPred 20 hodinami
    • @hypeking. 水 well device has been top 3 for longer and yes s1mple is also very consistent the only one who we can compare with dev1ce

      Harvest a guyHarvest a guyPred 23 hodinami
    • @Manish Kumar then s1mple is more consistent

      hypeking. 水hypeking. 水Pred dňom
  • ok

    dude dudedude dudePred dňom
  • im 2

    Satix :lSatix :lPred dňom
  • Hi

    fabu 'fabu 'Pred dňom
  • 😎 actually first

    ratiiirratiiirPred dňom
  • @04:09 play it on 0.25 speed, something weird with his aim. I just don't trust this guy and definetely wouldn't be much surprised if something happens on his account. He was quite an avarage player only several months ago.

    ronitovironitoviPred dňom
  • So much to handle

    Deepanshu SharmaDeepanshu SharmaPred dňom
  • Astralis theme plsssss

  • Sneak peek into navi training session before gambit match at iem katowice 2021

    rtj182rtj182Pred dňom
  • I went to school with Antonio, he was one grade above me. We always had little fights ( only verbal ), we mocked each other during the breaks. I never had the chance to speak with him seriously, getting to know the real Antonio. When I heard about his Death I was still in this school where I met him, we were all deeply sad. I wished I could have turned back time to speak with him, not only laugh about each other. Even though we were mocking each other (in a funny way, nothing serious), I miss those times Antonio laughing about my hair. Rest in Peace Champion

    Da RaDa RaPred dňom
  • cute

    Minh TâmMinh TâmPred dňom
  • U just can't compare sh1ro and s1mple. s1mple is on another level!

    adithya raoadithya raoPred dňom
  • S1mple #1 of all time !!!

    Airidas VAiridas VPred dňom